Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hannigan, Katherine. Ida B.

Hannigan, Katherine. Ida B. Harper Trophy, 2004 [978-0-06-0732026-0 // 0-06-073026-9]
Nine or ten-year-old Ida has a wonderful life being home schooled on a farm in Wisconsin. She is full of spirit, a colorful character. When her mother gets cancer, Ida can no longer be home schooled and she is sent to the public school. To top that off the family must sell off part of her beloved orchard to pay for medical expenses. Ida becomes bitter but with the help of an understanding teacher and a caring family, she learns to deal with all the changes. This 246 page book is an emotional story of a colorful girl, full of full of spirit who has her life suddenly change. It is told in a beautiful style.. a must read. This one was recommended to me by a student.


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