Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jocelyn, Marthe. How it happened in Peach Hill

Jocely, Marthe. How it happened in Peach Hill. Wendy Lamb/Random House, 2007 [9780-375-83701-2]
Annie’s mother tells fortunes and can predict the future. Annie helps her with her “presentations.” They have left the carnival and now have broken out on their own, moving to Peach Hill. The truant officer notices that Annie is not going to HS so she forces her to go. Annie is becoming a young lady with her own mind and is upset how her participation with her mother affects her at school and around town. She can’t figure out how to separate herself from what her mother does. When her mother tries to scam a rich man in town, Annie sees that she has made a big mistake. This 232 page book tells the story of a young lady trying to bread away from the influence of her mother. It is full of colorful and interesting characters.


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