Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ruckdeschel, Liz and Sara James. What if...all the boys wanted you

Ruckdeschel, Liz and Sara James. What if...all the boys wanted you. Delacorte, 2006 [0-385-73297-x]
Haley comes back from a vacation in New England to return as a new student at her High School. Meeting new friends, understanding the cliques, which boys she should date and how can she fit it. This is a "Choose your destiny" novel similar to the "Choose your plot" or "Choose your adventure" books with one big difference. This book is about High School and concerns of High School kids who are thrown in to mature situations. They skip school and go drinking, play strip poker, plus many other things HS kids may do. It is difficult to read the whole book by the "if this..then go to page..." format for a complete review. I read more than half of the pages. Not only do I not think this book is not appropriate for my Middle School, but I also had trouble following or getting involved with the characters. In addition, I am not sure whether the more mature students at which this book is aimed, would enjoy this format which was so popular with elementary students a while ago. I should not that this "choose your plot" format appears to be making a comeback and I have had several students requesting them.


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Thanks for the heads up on this title, which I think I will pass on for now. I always feel like I have to read every possible combination in these, and that way lies madness!

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