Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brooks, Kevin. Martyn Pig

Brooks, Kevin. Martyn Pig. Scholastic, 2002 [978-0-439-50752-30-439-50752-9]

Martyn lives along with his drunk father. He may have hated his father, but he never meant to kill him (accidentally pushing him against the fireplace.) After he realizes what has happen he just sits…until his friend Alex shows up. She tries to convince him to call the police but he doesn’t. While looking through the house, Martyn finds that his father is supposed to get an inheritance. He waits several days… Alex and he decide to dispose of the body but her boyfriend finds out. This starts a tangled web of deception which adds up to more crime. This 230 page book is a great tale of suspense as the reader tries to figure out what Martyn will do next and if he will eventually get caught. I am sure my middle school kids will love this book.


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