Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gardner, Sally. I, Corander

Gardner, Sally. I, Coriander. Dial, 2005. [0-8037-3099-3]

It is London in the 1600s and Coriander’s mother has just died, leaving her with the magic she inherited. Suddenly Coriander starts traveling back and forth to from the real world to a magical world. Her father remarries and she has a cruel stepmother who tries to accuse her of witchcraft. While Coriander travels back and forth to the magical world, she becomes involved with a young man there who is having problems and meanwhile her stepmother gets meaner and meaner. Can Coriander use magic to help her real-world situation along with helping her new male friend in the magic world. With the traveling back and forth between the two worlds, this 280 page book reminded me a little of Funk’s Inkheart series. Although it took me a while to get into the book, at the end I found I had enjoyed it.


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