Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hart, Alison. Gabriel's journey

Hart, Alison. Gabriel’s journey [Racing to freedom trilogy #3]. 2007 [978-1-56145-442-6//1-15645-442-7]

Gabriel’s story continues. Now his mother has gone off to join his father. Gabriel misses them both terribly and decides to go off to join them at the camp with the blessings (and letter of recommendation) of his boss. Although Gabriel is too young to be a soldier, he is able to be a groom to the horses in his father’s black unit. Although not a soldier, as groom to the captain’s horse, Gabriel gets in the midst of it all. When the unit goes out to fight Gabriel (and the reader) learns the horrors of the war, especially for the black soldiers. Their treatment was poor by the Union soldiers, but was vicious by the Confederate soldiers. This final 166 page book in the trilogy brings the reader into the middle of battle and the wonder of “the glory” of fighting. There are historical notes at the end of the book.


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