Monday, May 26, 2008

Riodrdan, Rick. Battle of the Labyrinth [Percy Jackson #4]

Riordan, Rick. Battle of the Labyrinth [Percy Jackson #4]. Hyperion, 2008 [978-142310146-8]
In book four of this exciting series, Percy and his friends must figure out the secrets of the Labyrinth so they can enter it to prevent the Evil Kronos and his minions from entering it to make an secret entrance to the Camp and defeat the Gods and demigods. Along the way they must locate his friend Grover. This fantasy series based on the characters of Greek mythology living today is very hot with my 8th grade boy readers. There was a long waiting list for this book when it first came out. Some were so impatient that they went out and purchased their own copies. Not only are the readers treated to a great story - classical fantasy quest - but they are learning about classical Greek Mythology. My books on mythology are now going out for independent reading. If you are in a middle school and HS, you must have this series.


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