Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ibbotson, Eva. Not just a witch

Ibbotson, Eva. Not just a witch. Puffin, 2003 [0-14-240232-x]
Once again Ibbotson has written a wonderfully enjoyable book about witches. Here we a an "Animal Witch" who can turn people into animals and a "Stone Witch" who can turn people into stone. They are the best of friends until one day they both show up wearing the same snake hat. This causes a riff which drives them apart and each is waiting to for the other to apologize. Meanwhile they are both seeking out evil people to turn into animals or stone respectively. One day a furrier show up who finds out about the "Animal Witch's" power and he need fur to make a fortune but the " "Animal Witch" is protective about the animals she creates. Eventually he finds out about the "Stone Witch" and pretend to court them both to help him with a diabolical plan. Will the two witches see through him? Will he succeed in getting his snow leopards? This enjoyable 185 page book also has cute black and which illustrations.


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