Sunday, March 09, 2008

Joseph, Frank S. To love mercy.

Joseph, Frank S. To love mercy. Mid-Atlantic Highlands, 2006 [0-9744785-3-9]
This is a tale of two boys (one white and one African American) in the years following World War II in Chicago. Steve (a Jewish white boy from Hyde Park) and his family go to the ball park and get hassled by some African American kids and one of them (Sass) accidentally gets hurt and Steve's family drops him off at the hospital. Steve and Sass end up going on an adventure trying to find something Steve's grandfather lost. This 290 page book illustrates the racism of the late 1940's in Chicago. It is nice to see how the boys eventually become friends (although very reluctantly at first.) Sass never has left the black section of towns and knows his boundaries in society and he keeps having to remind Steve of this. I found the book difficult to read because the author did not use any quotation marks when people are speaking. This being said, it is a good period piece to read. I purchased this because a parent recommended it to me.


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