Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Westerfeld, Scott. Extras [Uglies #4]

Westerfeld, Scott. Extras [Uglies #4]. Simon Pulse, 2007 [1-4169-5117-2//978-1-4169-5117-9]
After book 3 we skip ahead a few years to begin book four. Now the people live in a community where the economy is based on prestige. Everyone has a rank which changes constantly with cameras and everyone spying on everyone, especially the more famous people. (In today's terms.. the more people who watch videos of you on Youtube, the better rank you have.) The better rank you have the better place you have to live in and so on. Well Aya's rank is low until she meets a group of girls who do risky stunts. While secretly filming them she comes across a bigger story which has huge implications for the world. Suddenly Aya shoots the group of highest ranks. Just as this all happens, Tally, from the last book appears to "save the world" again. Aya, Tally, and the risk-taking girls all have different ideas about what is happening. Can any of them trust anyone? Who is right? Is anyone right? This 417 page book is a great addition to this popular series. I am not sure if it is the end. The author is about to publish a "Guide to the Uglies" which also might be a good purchase if this series is popular with your students.


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