Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Riordan, Rick. The sea of monsters

Riordan, Rick. The sea of Monsters [Percy Jackson #2] Hyperion, 2007 [1-42310334-3//978-1-142310334-9]
The book opens with Percy's 7th grade year at his exclusive private school as going well until the end when he is once again drawn back to Camp Half-Blood. It appears that the Tree of Life has been poisoned and someone has to go on a quest to get the Golden Fleece to save it. Of course, Percy is not chosen but because of terrible dreams he is having, he and a friend decide to go anyway to get the fleece and save their friend Grover, the satyr. This modern day adventure mixes Greek Mythology with current characters. In this 279 page book, Percy gets to learn how to use the powers has been granted from his father, Poseidon. This is a fun series which may spur a student's interest in Mythology. The Sea of Monsters is number two in a series which I don't know if has been defined. So far book 1 and 2 are great reads.


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