Thursday, December 13, 2007

Booth, Martin. Soul Stealer [Alchemist's son II]

Booth, Martin. Soul stealer [Alchemist's Son II] Little Brown, 2006 [0-316-05993-5//978-0-316-05993-0]
Pip and Tim continue their adventures with Sebastian (a boy who has come back from the middle ages to fight evil.) When Pip and Tim notice strange things about one of their teachers and a student in school they tell it to Sebastian who is sure they are part of the evil force that they fought in the last book. This 242 page book is their continued adventures finding out they strange people and their evil plans to steal people's souls using very powerful magic. Every is fine in my mind until the evil people need to power of a nuclear power plant to fully operate their spell. The mixing of Alchemy from the middle ages and nuclear just didn't mix will for me. The first book in the series is great, but I did not care for this one at all.


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