Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lygra, Barry. Boy Toy

Lyga, Barry. Boy Toy. Houghton Mifflin, 2007 [978-0-618-72393-5//0-618-72393-5]
This is the story of Josh, a HS boy whose life was totally changed by a teacher, Eve. One day Josh is invited home daily by Mrs. Sherman to help her with her Master's project. This was convenient for his parents because Josh's mother just got a job and was concerned about leaving him home alone. It isn't long before Josh fell in love with Mr. Sherman who he now calls Eve and their relationship grows closer and more physical. Their relationship can not be kept secret too long and Mrs. Sherman is arrested and sent to jail for child abuse. After five years of therapy now Josh has not been able to date or even maintain friendships. When Eve is released from jail they whole thing comes to a head. Josh decides he must confront Eve and finds her address online on a sexual predator site. Even though they are not supposed to meet, Josh goes to her apartment where she finally convinces him that she used him and never was in love with him. All except the neatly wrapped up ending, this 410 book is well written. I would NEVER recommend this book for a middle school. It is full of descriptive sexual situations. The sex is not overdone as it shows how Eve slowly entraps Josh into a relationship. It is really needed for the story. This topic is something we all need to think about and shows how a sexual predator can totally change a young person's life for a long time, if not forever.


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