Sunday, October 07, 2007

Riordan, Rick. The lighning thief. #1

Riordan, Rick. The lightning thief [Olympians #1] Hyperion, 2005 [0-7876-5629-7]
WOW this is an incredible mixing of current fiction with myth. The story opens with Percy being thrown out of yet another private school because of strange thing happening around him. He slowly realized that his non-present father is someone special. He ends up in a camp for children of Greek Gods and his father is one of the three major Greek gods who are about to have a war with each other. It is Percy's quest to return a stolen treasure and stop the war. This 375 page book is the first of a page-turning trilogy. And yes, it is a trilogy, only three books are planned (and I think already written.) OOPS - just found out book 4 is in the works. This book may grab your Harry Potter fans. It also may start a real interest in Green Mythology so hopefully you have the materials to support it. Don't miss this one!


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