Monday, September 03, 2007

Higson, Charlie. Blood Fever [Young Bond #2]

Higson, Charlie. Blood fever [Young Bond #2] Hyperion, 2007 [978-142310029-4 // 142310029-8]
Once again James is back at school (Eton) where is a member of a group of risk takers knows as "The Danger Society." One while running out after curfew, he finds some mysterious men speaking Latin outside a strange building. Shortly thereafter he goes on a school trip to Sardina and gets involved with a group of thieves and a man who wants to take over the world. This 347 page book is entertaining and well written. There are several plot twists at the end. Of course there is fighting and people die.. but nothing too descriptive. This series so far is wonderful... each book a separate story, loosely tied together.


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