Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Smith, Sherri L. Lucy the giant

Smith, Sherri L. Lucy the giant. Delacorte, 2002 [0-385-90031-7]
Lucy is large for her age.. so large she is called "Lucy the Giant." She lives in Alaska with her drunken father. After finding friendship with a dog doesn't work, Lucy runs away, hops on a small play and goes up north pretending to an adult on a commercial crabbing boat in very harsh conditions. The crew and captain become like a family to her but what will happen when one trouble-maker on the boat finds out the truth about Lucy. This is a great adventure story of a kid learning to deal with adversity and a troubled home life. Something many of our students must face. This 217 page book is a great read especially if you can get by the thing of a child being able to pass herself off an adult.. but we have done that before.


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