Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Lupica, Mike. Summer ball

Lupica, Mike. Summer ball. Philomel Books, 2007 [978-0-399-24487-2]
In this sequel to Travel Team we once again meet up with short Danny Walker as he heads out to a high pressure basketball camp which pulls impressive players and coaches from all over the country. Right off the bat, Danny has problems with the cabin arrangements but through this he meets a younger boy who is also short. They learn to support each other. The worse thing that happens is his coach. He and Danny do not get along. They constantly are at odds with each other. Of course since some of the best players from around the country, Danny knows a few. Some are past friends and at least one is a past rival. Once again Lupica hits the mark with this 244 page book. He knows how to write a sports book which will hold the attention of athletes but does not get to bogged down in the narration of the games to put non-athletes off from reading them. His books are a wonderful asset to a middle school library.


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