Monday, January 21, 2008

Howe, James. Totally Joe

Howe, James. Totally Joe. Alladin Mix, 2005 [0-689-83958-8//978-0-689-83958-8]
Here we have flamboyant 7th grade Joe and his friends from the 'Misfits" (an earlier book.) This book is written as an English assigment - a alphabiography where each chapter begins with a letter of the alphabet. Joe express his feelings of being a gay teenage in Junior High School. He finds his first boyfriend but there is no "disgusting kissing" but unfortunately his boyfriend is still in the closet so things do not work out. One day a new boy moves into town and Joe finds a true boyfriend. This 189 book is the story of a gay teenager and his relationships with his friends and family. It deals with what his feelings, not any "disgusting kissing" (or other physical things.) This is a book to be read by both gays and straight teenagers.


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