Sunday, March 02, 2008

Horowitz, Anthony. Snakehead

Horowitz, Anthony. Snakehead [Alex Rider #7],Philomel, 2007 [978-0-399-24161-1]
Once again we return to Alex Rider... falling out of the sky from his last adventure (in space) and the Australians pick him up and convince him to go on a mission for them. The bargaining chip that convinces Alex is that he will be working with a friend of his parents and the last person to see them alive. This adventure has them posing as a Pakistani man trying to sell his son into the underground. As you may imagine Alex runs in the British M6 and some old acquaintances. At this point Alex also gets involved is trying to stop a madman who wants to explode a mega bomb in a fault of the Pacific to create a major tsunami, thus killing 10s of thousands of people. The first part of the book is the usual Alex Rider stuff.. him running around.. in danger, blowing up things.. getting away, etc. In fact I was starting to get tired of it all... too much like the others.. but the second half of this 385 page book gets more exciting and very different, so as a whole I enjoyed the book. Horowitz is doing a good job of keeping these stories fresh.


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