Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wukesm Deborah. Each little bird that sings.

Wiles, Deborah. Each little bird that sings. Harcourt, 2005 [0-15-205113-9]
As as 10-year-old, Comfort Snowberger knows a lot about death because her family runs the only funeral home in her small southern town. First her grandfather dies, then her beloved great-great aunt dies soon after. Everyone loved Aunt Florentine so a big gathering is expected. Even though Comfort usually handles things well (she even write obituaries for the local paper), things aren't looking good Aunt Florentine's funeral. First she finds out she has to babysit her pain-in-the neck relative, Peach. Then her best friend starts acting weird and they have a fight. Then there is the big flood where her dog goes missing. This 247 page book is a heart-warming story about friendship and life in a small town. While it sounds depressing, the story is written in a lighthearted, friendly way. An enjoyable read.


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