Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Buckley, Sarah Masters. The stolen sapphire

Buckley, Sarah Masters. The stolen sapphire [A Samantha mystery]. American Girl, 2006 [1-59369-099-1]

During the time of the great cruise ships, Samantha and her sister go on a cruise across the Atlantic with their rich grandparents. On the cruise they run into a snobbish rich family and a man with his nephew carrying a priceless gem which has bad luck associated with it. (Probably a take-off on the Hope Diamond.) One night at dinner, the lights sudden go out and the gem is missing! What follows is a mystery story where everyone has a reason to have stolen the gem. While I figured it how it was done, just after the heist happened, I am not sure kids will. For upper elementary students who like mysteries, this is good one. This 179 page book is a worthwhile to your collection. There are historical notes and a glossary at the end.


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