Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hart, Alison. Gabriel's horses [Race to Freedom #1]

Hart. Alison. Gabriel’s horses [Race to Freedom Series #1] Peachtree, 2007 [978-1-56145-398-6 // 1-56145-398-6]
Gabriel is a 12 year-old slave on a Kentucky horse farm who dreams of becoming a jockey. When his father, a free man, enlists in the Civil War Army to earn money to purchase the freedom of his family, Gabriel is left to deal with the cruel horse trainer who took his fathers place on the farm. I luckily read this first book in the series, last because I am not sure I would continued with the others books – which are great. I don’t this the author found the voice of the characters until near the end of this 518 page book. Give this series a chance. It tells a side of the Civil War period that is not usually heard and also deals with the universal story of a young man fighting for his dreams and aspirations.


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