Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hershey, Mary. The on where the kid nearly jumps to his death and lands in California

Hershey, Mary. The one where the kid nearly jumps to his death and lands in California. RazorBill, 2007 [978-1-59514-150-7]
Alastair is bitter since his dad walked out and divorced his mom only to marry a rich woman in California. He is also mad because of the accident that left him with an artificial leg. Mom is in AA and her sponsor is a colorful woman who Alastair likes and respects. She is a lesbian. (This is only mentioned “as a matter of fact” – like the color of her hair - and there is no talk of partner or her life away from Alastair.) Mom sends Alastair to live with his dad and step-mom one summer for an eventful time where he meets a colorful swim coach and a gorgeous girl who acts in the Soaps. This 275 page book tells of the eventful summer with a very angry young man as he interacts with very colorful characters. Alastair tells this story and his perceptions of the situations are great to read.


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