Monday, October 06, 2008

Haig. Matt. The dead fathers club

Haig. Matt. The dead fathers club. Penguin, 2006 [978-0-14-311294-5]
Not long after eleven-year-old Philip’s father dies in an accident, his ghost appears and asks him to avenge his death. The ghost tells Philip to watch out for his Uncle who plans to take over his Dad’s bar and marry his wife. This Uncle Alan comforts Philip’ s mom, revitalizes the bar, and moves in wanting to marry her. Meanwhile Alan hates him and is trying to kill him so his dead father can rest in peace. As as if this is not enough, Philip has to deal with school bullies, a girl friend, and wondering if his father’s ghost is telling the truth. This 328 page book is a suspenseful ghost story that makes the reader want to keep reading but it has one problem. The author writes without using quotation marks. That, combined with the British accent makes this great ghost story a struggle to read. It totally turned me off to an excellent story.


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