Sunday, June 11, 2006

Trembath, Don. Lefty Carmichael has a fit

Trembath, Don. Lefty Carmichael has a fit. Orca Book, 1999 [1-55143-166-1]
This book opens in a hospital room as Lefty is slowly waking up. Around him is a family reacting to him being in the hospital. Lefty had a seizure in the playground and now he has to deal with it. Not only him, but also, his family, friends, and high school members. This 215 page book deals with epilepsy in a realistic and yet humorous fashion. The book had a lot of humor in it. I would love to see the opening 50 pages with him waking up in the hospital performed on stage. I have been following this author because he is Canadian and may not get the publicity that American authors get. This is my favorite book of his so far.


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