Sunday, May 21, 2006

Horowitz, Anthony. Skeleton Key

Horowitz, Anthony. Skeleton Key [Alex Rider #3] Speak/Penguin, 2003 [0-14-24102-1]
Alex once again is drawn into the service of MI6 to be loaned to the CIA. It appears that an arms dealer has sold something to a former Russian General on a Key off of Cuba and the CIA think it would be easier to get two agents on the Key pretending they are on vacation with their child. Hence Alex gets involved. Once again in this 327 page book, Alex is a super spy and saves the day. It is interesting how the MI6 is potrayed as being cold and not caring that Alex is a teenager. While the stories are full of gadgets, intrigue, and espionage, and they are far from believable. But who cares.. they are great adventures and the kids love them!


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