Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kaye, Amy. Focus on this [The real deal #1]

Kaye, Amy. Focus on this [The real deal #1] Smooch/Dorchester, 2003 [0-8439-5252-0]
Fiona's parents get a divorce and she is suddenly thrown from an exclusive private school in NYC to a public school in New Jersey. To solve a financial crisis the district is allowing a TV firm to film a reality show in the HS. Not only does Fiona have to try to make new friends, choose groups, and fit in at school but she has to do it all on camera where a producer is trying to create drama so the show will get good ratings. Can Fiona get her new "friends" together to get even with the producer. This 202 page book is a great story about a topic that kids are seeing on TV. Just be aware that it concerns HS kids and there is a descriptive kissing scene (in the school library) and along with an episode of gay bashing of a young man who has not really come out yet.


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