Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Barlow, Steve and Steve Skidmore. Whizzard

Barlow, Steve and Steve Skidmore. Whizzard! [#2 Tales of the Dark Forest] HarperCollins, 2002 [0-00-710864-8]
In this second book of the series Tym has always wanted to be a great a powerful Wizard but his only chance to be near magic is to work for a bumbling Wizard. Tym finds a potion which makes him travel VERY fast and thus becomes a Whizzard. In this tangled tale he puts the beautiful Lady Zamarind and must go on a wild adventure to help her. Like the previous book, this 253 page book is full of subtle humor, while not a clever as the first book, I will definately continue to read the series and get them for my library.


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