Sunday, February 26, 2006

Alvarez.Julia. Before we were free

Alvarez, Julia. Before we were free. Laurel-Leaf, 2002 [0-440-23784-x]
It is 1960 and Anita lives in the Dominican Republic. She and her family are wrapped up in the political turmoil and a plot to murder the dictator. Most of her family has emigrated to the US. This 167 page book shows what it is like to live under a terrible dictator who controls a secret police. Will her family carry out the plot? Will they get caught? Will they get to the US? This book covers the situation in the Dominican Republic about which I knew little. There is a collection of fact pages at the end of the book. This book could be used to show what it is like to live in a violent dictatorship.. in many countries.


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