Sunday, January 29, 2006

Butler, Dori Hillestad. Sliding into home.

Butler, Dori Hillestad. Sliding into home. Peachtree, 2003 [1-56145-222-x]
Joelle was a baseball star on her team back home in the big city but when she moves to a small suburban town she finds out girls can only play softball. First she meets with the coach, then the principal, then the President of the Board of Education and finds out that softball is a "comparable" sport to baseball so she could not play on the boy's baseball team. The girls on the softball team thinks that Joelle thinks she is too good to play softball. Then of course she starts to like the coach's son. Finally she contacts some people and decides to set up her own girl's baseball league much to the annoyance of the school and local recreation department. While in the process of setting of the league the School Board decides to let Joelle play baseball. Will she stop setting up the girl's baseball league? This 218 page book is a great read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love reading that book. Dori Hillestad Butler wrote it really well. i never wanted to stop reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just read that book to my studunts and they looved it

8:51 PM  

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