Sunday, February 05, 2006

Kaye, Amy. Unscripted {The real deal #2]

Kaye, Amy.Unscripted [The Real Deal #2]. Smooch, 2004 [0-8439-5312-2]

After being in a HS reality show (book 1), Claire gets two breaks. She is on a second reality show in which she lives in apartment with her recently met step sister while they get to know each other. Also, she gets a role in a Broadway show with a heart throb guy from a rock band. In this 179 page book Claire has to deal with the tension of learning about her step sister with cameras in both of their faces, the politics of the life in a play, and a possible romance with a celebrity. This is a fun book which picks on the popularity of reality television shows. The first book in the series is called "Focus on this!"


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