Sunday, February 26, 2006

Stewart, Paul & Chris Ridell. Vox

Stewart, Paul & Chris Riddell. Vox [Edge Chronicles #6] David Fickling, 2003 [0-385-75080-3]
Rook is now a Librarian and is on patrol over Undertown when his craft crashes. He nearly gets kills by a creature when he is saved by his old friend Chris. On his way back to the Great Library in the sewers, Rook gets captured and becomes a slave. When the great storm arrives, Chris plots with Vox on a way to save the Great Library and get rid of the bad tribes of Undertown. If you are already into this series (and you should be) this 384 page book will hook you like a fish. The books are full of imaginative creatures, incredibly illustrated. The only unfortunate aspect to this series is that they are not being written in chronological order of the story.


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