Sunday, May 07, 2006

Williams, Mark London. Ancient Fire

Williams, Mark London. Ancient fire [Danger Boy #1] Tricycle Press, 2001 [1-58246-032-9]
Eli's father is a scientist who works on time experiments. Earlier, his mother disappeared in one of his experiments so his father ends it all and drives with Eli to California. Unfortunately when you work for a government agency you don't just quit so Dad is convinced to work again. Unfortunately Eli gets sent back into time to Alexandria Egypt when the library is burning where he an Egyptian girl and a lizard boy from another time and dimension. This 167 page book is the start of a series which deals with time travel and alternate dimensions. The book is a little higher than Bruce Coville science fiction but not written to be as humorous. Although the story does end, it is very evident that it will continue through a series. This is just the kind of series I do not like... although kids often do.


Blogger Mark L Williams said...

Sorry you don't like it, but glad you're allowing for the possibility that its intended readers will!

Please note that the books have been published by Candlewick Press for some years -- those Tricycle Press editions are now out-of-print, tho' still available for the hardcore DB fans!

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