Sunday, June 11, 2006

Luiken, Nicole. Silver Eyes

Luiken, Nicole. Silver Eyes. Pocket Books, 2001 [0-7434-0078-x]
This sci-fi book opens with Angel being trained as a security firm for this huge interplanetary company. The problem is that is does not remember her past. Slowly she realizes that he has had a "loyalty chip" implanted in her mind which keeps her loyal to the company and wipes out her previous memories until... she meets Mike, a rebel. Slowly she starts to believe that she was part of Mike's revolution. When she and Mike are invited to large science contest, every thing gets turned around. Can Angel work against her chip? Can she go back? This 256 page book is full of many plot twists. There is a previous book to this one which not reviewed well at all, but I really loved this one.


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