Monday, May 29, 2006

Macphail, Catherine. Dark Waters

Macphail, Catherine. Dark Waters. Bloomsbury, 2003 [1-58234-846-4]
Dominic's older brother is always in trouble with the law so whenever anything happens in town, the police knock on their door. One day Dominic rescues a rich boy from downing and it changes his life. All of a sudden Dominic has someone who cares about him - this boy and his family. After the rescue on the ice, Dominic starts having nightmares. When he goes to the lake he finds a homeless foreigner and tries to help him by bringing clothing and food on and off. Who is this stranger? What does he have to do with his brother? What is more important - family.. or doing the right thing? This 176 page book is a good high interest story dealing with family loyalty mixed together with a mystery.


Anonymous Taylor S. said...

I just finished that book and Col is the boy's brother and Dominic is the kid Col saved from drowning.

7:03 PM  

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