Sunday, September 23, 2007

DiCamillo, Kate. The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane

DiCamillo, Kate. The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane. Candlewick, 2006 [0-7636-2589-2 // 978-0-7636-2589-4]
I initially was not going to purchase this book because from a distance it seemed to juvenile for my collection but after so many people said that it should have won the Newbery this past year, I had to purchase it. Visually, this is beautifully constructed book. The layout and the illustrations remind one of a number of much older books. The story is a cross between "The Velveteen Rabbit", "Don Quixote", and "The Wizard of Oz." Edward Tulane is a china rabbit who ends up going on a great journey, encountering many struggles. This 198 page book is a beautifully wonderful package all except one illustration which may contain some religious symbolism to SOME people. One drawing has the rabbit nailed to a scarecrow. While it did not bother me, I could see some people being offended by it.

Wallace, Rich. Takedown

Wallace, Rich. Takedown [Winning Season]. Viking, 2006 [0-670-06096-8]
Seventh grader, Donald just joined the wrestling team and he is not doing as well as he expected. The physical strain on his body is rough and he is not winning any matches. Will he ever win? Will he stay on the team? This 118 page book could be used as a low-level/ high interest book. Although it is shallow, and not much to it, the book will be good for wrestlers or kids just starting out in any sport. I purchased it because we have a very active wrestling team.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Higson, Charlie. Blood Fever [Young Bond #2]

Higson, Charlie. Blood fever [Young Bond #2] Hyperion, 2007 [978-142310029-4 // 142310029-8]
Once again James is back at school (Eton) where is a member of a group of risk takers knows as "The Danger Society." One while running out after curfew, he finds some mysterious men speaking Latin outside a strange building. Shortly thereafter he goes on a school trip to Sardina and gets involved with a group of thieves and a man who wants to take over the world. This 347 page book is entertaining and well written. There are several plot twists at the end. Of course there is fighting and people die.. but nothing too descriptive. This series so far is wonderful... each book a separate story, loosely tied together.

Scieszka, Jon. Viking it and liking it [Time Warp Trio]

Scieszka, Jon. Viking it and liking it. [Time Warp Trio] Viking, 2002 [0-670-89918-6]
Once again we return to the Time Warp Trio. Here Joe, Sam, and Fred end up going back into the Viking times and have their usually silly adventures with plays on words and other such things. This 74 page book is not my favorite of the Time Warp series but they are fun, high interest-low level books. There are a few Viking activities at the end of the book if your school studies Vikings.