Monday, May 23, 2005

Paulsen, Gary. Brian's return

Paulsen, Gary. Brian's return. Laurel-Leaf, 2001 [0-440-41379-6]
Brian gets in a fight at school and defends himself like a wild animal. He is sent to a counselor. Both Brian and the counselor realize that Brian has to return to the woods. After a major discussion with his mother he supplies himself and takes a canoe back to the woods.. absorbing himself once again in the wilderness. Will he come home. Paulsen writes at the end of this 115 page book that it is the last of the Brian books but... there are excerpts of the next book, Brian's hunt (published three years later) at the back of this book. Faithful Brian fans will love this book too.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

DuPrau, Jeanne. The city of Ember

DuPrau, Jeanne. The city of Ember. Random House, 2003 [0-375-82273-9]
We are taken to the city of Ember and fantastical city which is totally controlled and had been planned out by the "builders." Unfortunately, this lovely city is now on the downfall.. the storerooms are getting empty so there are few supplies and there are many black outs. The people of the city are taught there is no world beyond the city of Ember. Does that mean there is no help? Can Lina and Doon find a way to save their city? This 270 page book is a fantasy with an interesting ending. It might be a good follow up for the "Among the hidden" books.

Barron, T.A. Child of the dark prophecy [The Great Tree of Avalon #1]

Barron, T.A. Child of the dark prophecy [#1 The Great Tree of Avalon]._Philomel Books, 2004 [0-399-23763-1]
T.A. Barron takes us again to the magical world of Avalon after Merlin has died (or left) many years ago. Avalon suddenly has been troubled with severe droughts, brutal attacks, and other evil happenings. Now three people must set out to find the problem and solve it. This 434 page book is a magical quest as only T.A. Barron can write. I have a group of T.A. Barron readers who are already clammering for the next one of this series. I must say, it took me about the first third of the book to really get wrapped up in the story.

Colfer, Eoin. Artemis Fowl: Opal deception

Colfer, Eoin. Artemis Fowl: Opal deception [#4]. Hyperion, 2005 [0-7868-5289-5]

After having his mind wiped of fairyworld memories at the end of Book 3, Artemis opens this book in the act of stealing a famous painting. Meanwhile Opal Koboi, a former rival schemes to get out of jail and is out to get even with Aretmis, Butler, and Captain Holly Short. Of course the old gang (including Mulch) gets together to try and defeat Opal. It would be so much easier if Artemis and Butler could get their memories of the fairyworld back. This 342 page book is another great adventure. It you have the others, don't miss this one.. and if you don't have them.. get them.

Cushman, Karen. Rodzina

Cushman, Karen. Rodzina .Clarion, 2003 [0-618-13351-8]
Rodzina is a polish orphan who is put on an orphan train in Chicago with a lady doctor to be sent out west to find new homes. The reader gets involved with the plight of these orphans trying to find homes and the adventures on this train ride. This 214 page book does not have any of the pithy humor that Cushman's middle ages book have but it is a good read.