Thursday, March 31, 2005

McKinley, Robin. Sunshine

McKinley, Robin. Sunshine. Berkley Books, 2003 [0-425-19178-8]
WOW! Once again McKinley has crafted another alternate reality to weave her book through. We are in a wold recovering a war with Vampires. There is a special police force which investigates new vampire reports. Sunshine is a baker at a popular bakery/coffee shop and she goes for a drive one day and gets involved with some vampires. After she helps one vampire, Con, he enlists her to help him eventually conquer a vicious vampire gang. This 389 page book is a wonderfully crafted story. But for middle schools, beware, there is an descriptive erotic section. I was disappointed about this and as a result I am sending the book to your H.S. This is a wonderful book but the sex is a little too much for my school.

Cameron, Ann. Colibri

Cameron, Ann. Colibri. Farrar Straus Grioux, 2003 [0-374-31519-1]
Colibri is a twelve-year-old kidnap victum in Guatemala. She is being held by a man who she now calls her Uncle. He uses her to help him in his begging schemes. Finally he decides to join up with another criminal for bigger plans. Colibir gets upset on one plan and turns notifies the authorities and then runs away. She runs back to someone who has helped her in the past desiring to find her family.. from which she was kidnapped at age 5. Can she find her mom? This 227 page book is the story of a child taken advantage of by people who claim to be helping her.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Temporay Delay

I am currently in a play (Mr. Bumble in "Oliver") so I am very behind in my reading. New posts should start up again in the middle of April. Sorry for any inconvience.