Thursday, March 31, 2005

McKinley, Robin. Sunshine

McKinley, Robin. Sunshine. Berkley Books, 2003 [0-425-19178-8]
WOW! Once again McKinley has crafted another alternate reality to weave her book through. We are in a wold recovering a war with Vampires. There is a special police force which investigates new vampire reports. Sunshine is a baker at a popular bakery/coffee shop and she goes for a drive one day and gets involved with some vampires. After she helps one vampire, Con, he enlists her to help him eventually conquer a vicious vampire gang. This 389 page book is a wonderfully crafted story. But for middle schools, beware, there is an descriptive erotic section. I was disappointed about this and as a result I am sending the book to your H.S. This is a wonderful book but the sex is a little too much for my school.


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