Thursday, February 03, 2005

Colfer, Eoin. The wish list

Colfer, Eoin. The wish list. Scholastic, 2000 [0-439-44336-9]
Meg, a troublemaker, is convinced by her friend, Belch, to break into a senior citizen's home. The robbery is foiled and when they are runnign away a gas tank explodes and they both die. Traveling down the tunnel of light Belch is sent downward at the fork but there is a problem with Meg. It seems her bad deeds equal her good deeds so they don't know where to send her. Finally it is decided to send her spirit up to Earth on borrowed time to try and gain some "good points" by helping the senior citizen at the robbery. The man downstairs doesn't want to lose her so he sends up a pair to foil her attempts. Meg attempts to help the older man fulfill his wish list before he dies. This 252 page adventure is a humorous (although dark at times) story in which a friendship grows between the senior citizen and Meg. Colfer pokes some fun at both Lucifer and St. Peter.. that along with the whole heaven/hell thing could make the book objectionable in a religious community. I found it to be an adventure with (believe it or not) and Artemis Fowl feel. Lucifer and some fun, malfunctioning technology.. more advanced than St. Peter.


Blogger Camille said...

The audio version of this book is terrific. The narrator,James Wilby, did an excellent job. My daughter listened to it with me and then purchased the book to read again.

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