Thursday, February 03, 2005

Stewart, Paul & C. Riddell. Midnight over Sanctaphrax (Edge Chronicles)

Stewart, Paul & Chris Riddell._ Midnight over Sanctaphrax [The Edge Chronicles #3]. David Fickling, 2004 [0-385-75072-2]
Book three of this series starts out with Captain Twig sailing over the edge and into the vortex of the Mother storm to locate his father. He finds his father just before the the storm destroys his ship and sends his eight crew members flying all to various places on the Edge. Twig lands in a daze and is taken to Sanctaphrax where he is nursed to health and finally goes out on a long adventure to locate his crew. Will he and his new friend find all his crew? Will they come back to Sanctaphrax to save The Edge? In this third book of 362 pages the reader returns to this fantastical world and all its spectacular creatures. So far each book in the series is a complete story, yet leads you on to the next one. NOTE: If you already have this book, check the page order. The first edition had some page problems (I noticed it between page 226 and 229.) The publisher is aware of it.


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