Thursday, February 03, 2005

Colfer, Eoin. The Supernaturalists

Colfer, Eoin. The Supernaturalists. Hyperion, 2004 [0-7868-5148-1]
It is the future and Cosmo Hill breaks out of an orphanage (where they test products on residents) and ends up with a group of renegades. This group (along with Cosmo) have a special ability to see creatures they call parasites. These parasites, invisible to most, appear to be sucking the life out of wounded or ill people. This group who call themselves the Supernaturalist are out to kill as many of these parasites as they can to save Satellite City..but are they doing more harm than good. At the end of this 267 page book they get involved with forces with which they thought they would never be aligned. As in Artemis Fowl, Colfer once again weaves a marvelous world that kids will love with powerful corporations, lawyers, and insurance people. There is a hint of a possible following book at the end.


Blogger Ross said...

I read the book and enjoyed it very much. I like Sci-fi and thought that was well thought out. Maybe a bit slow starting but picked up nicely!

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read the book! It's awesome! Unless you don't like science fiction...

7:31 PM  

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