Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mikaelsen, Ben. Rescue Josh McGuire

Mikaelsen, Ben. Rescue Josh McGuire. Hyperion, 1991 [1-56282-523-2]
Josh and his father are out hunting when his father shoots a mother bear. Josh decides to rescue the cub. He brings it home and finds out that animal rescue people give such cubs to animal experimentation places. Sooooooo.. Josh runs away with the bear leaving a note saying he won't come back unless he can keep the cub and the state outlaws spring hunting of bears. The night he runs away a huge storm hits the mountains. The story hits the wires and the national media shows up. This starts a survival, adventure that only Mikaelsen can write. The reader follows the rescue team of the police, Josh's dysfunctional family, and Josh's survival with his bear cub. This 265 page book is a GREAT survival adventure story.


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