Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Childs, Tera Lynn. Oh my Gods

Childs, Tera Lynn. Oh my Gods. Dutton, 2008 [978-0-525-47942-0]
Phoebe's mom comes back from a Greek vacation with news that she's marrying someone from Greece and they will be moving there for. Phoebe will have to spend her senior year away from all her friends only to join them in college the following year. Once on the island Phoebe encounters the usual teenage girl problems, fitting in with her classmates at school, boy problems and of course, step-sister problems. This is all accented by the secret of the island. This is a hideaway for descendants of Greek Gods. Not only does Phoebe have have to deal with new friends but they also have supernatural powers. To top it all off, this is all a big secret so Phoebe can not tell her two best friends at home. Toppnig this all off, there is a GREAT surprise ending. This 254 page book would be a good story without the Greek God thing, but that bounces it up a notch. It would be a good book for girls who have read the Percy Jackson series.


Blogger Ms. Yingling said...

I love mythology. I love cross country. Love Greece. The only problem I had with this one and the sequel was the incorrect usage of the past tense of "smite". Picky, I know, but I could only read that people "got smoted" so many times!

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