Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lubar, David. Punished!

Lubar, David. Punished!. Darby Creek, 2006 [978-1-58196-042-5]
NOTE: This is an elementary book that I purchased because I enjoy the author's work.
Logan and his friend were running around the library when a man appears, annoyed saying "You need to be punished." He takes a book and blows dust off it onto Logan's face. His "pun"ishment is that everything he says has puns in it. It drives everyone at home and school crazy. The only way he can break the spell is to go on three quests: to find seven oxymorons, seven anagrams, and seven palindromes. What follows in this 96 page book is a series of fun word adventures as Logan tries to gather all the things he needs to break the spell. Although this book is elementary, it would a fun read-aloud or even in a language arts writing class.


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