Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stewart, Paul & Chris Riddell. Freeglader [Edge Chronicles #7]

Stewart, Paul and Chris Riddell. Freeglader [Edge Chronicles #7]. David Fickling, 2006 [0-385-75082-x]
After the disaster in Undertown, Rook leads the librarians (with the remains of the library) and the rest of the refugees from Undertown to a new home in the Free Glades. On the way they are viciously the shrykes. The survivors of this attack trek to the Free Glades where they start to set up a new home and build a new library. When partially settled, they are attacked again, this time by the Goblin nations with their terrible killing machines. Can they survive? This 402 page book is full of killing, death, and blood. It is not a cute and friendly as the other books but it still has the wonderful illustrations. At the end of the book is a family tree which shows the relationship of various characters from Linus Pallitax to Twig and Rook.


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