Sunday, September 17, 2006

Grant, Vicki. Quid pro quo

Grant, Vicki. Quid pro quo.Orca Book Pub, 2005 [1-55143-394-x]
Cyril comes from a single parent family. His mother had to go to law school so he spent a lot of time in law school himself. His mother had a very checkered past so when a stranger shows up and "convinces" his mother to let him stay there, it was not too surprising. One day Cyril's mother disappears, leaving a packet of legal documents in the refrigerator. It is up to Cyril to figure out what happened to his mother. Will all those hours he spend sitting in law school help out? Can he rescue his mother? Who is that stranger who suddenly appeared to live with them? This 160 page book is a fun mystery with the fun twist of law. I enjoyed this one more than her "Puppet Wrangler."


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