Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rushton, Rosie. Friends, enemies

Rushton, Rosie. Friends, enemies.Hyperion, 2003 [0-7868-5177-5]
Tory and her three girl friends have been friends for as long as they can remember. One day a friend of Tory's mom moves into town after a nasty divorce. Since the moms are friends, Tory's mom insists that she include Hannah in the things that Tory does with her "forever friends." Unfortunately, Hannah is a sneaky liar and while acting sweet to school officials and parents, she begins to pit the "forever friends" against each other without them realizing it. She even tries to interfere with Tory's newly developing relationship with a boy, Alex. Hannah is so skillful that Tory ends up looking like the evil one in the group. Can Tory straighten things out? Will she end up with Alex? Can all the girls be friends? This 225 page book is a story of how girls can be friends and enemies.


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