Sunday, August 13, 2006

Clements, Andrew. The last holiday concert

Clements, Andrew. The last holiday concert. Simon & Schuster, 2004 [0-689-84516-2]
Once again Clements has captured the minds and hearts of his readers. Hart was one of the most popular kids in school but his most dreaded class was 6th grade chorus. One day he is fooling around with a rubber band and shoots the teacher, Mr. Meinert, in the neck. He promptly explodes and draws Hart to the principal. Here after Hart is dealt with, we find out that Mr. Meinert has been riffed and this will be his last concert. The incident makes Mr. Meinert give up and announces the next day in class that the concert will totally be run by and planned for by the class. The class elects Hart to be in control. What follows is a class excited with multiple ideas. Unfortunately when Hart tries to lay out the concert and makes decisions about what is to be included, there is mutiny. Mr. Meinert gives Hart some ideas and gets the kids back on track. The chorus "concert" becomes a multi-media present ion, given in the gym. After the concert, Hart sees Mr. Meinert packing up his things. This 166 page book is a great book about kids excited about a creative experience. I am sure that teachers and librarians will love the book, and I hope that excitement will be shared by students.


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