Sunday, August 06, 2006

Morgan, Nicola. Chicken friend

Morgan, Nicola. Chicken friend. Candlewick Press, 2005 [0-7636-2735-6]
When eleven-year-old Becca's eccentric family moves from London to the countryside, Becca has a hard time adjusting. First of all, her author father decides to pull her and her twin brothers out of school to home school them. Then of course, there is the chicken coop with collection of their newly purchased chickens (and rooster.) Her mother is a crazy inventor. So, with all this things added up, Becca has trouble meeting kids and making friends. When she finally does meet two strange girls, she hides the fact that she has diabetes from them. The new girl friends organize a wild birthday party for Becca at our house, out in the back shed. Well, with little supervision from her unusual parents, the party gets out of hand. At the end of the 148 page book Becca realizes that she does not need to change herself to make new friends. This is a fun book about friendship and self-image.


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